You’ve done your cooking, the cooking gas is cooled, and the food has been set. But, you look in your frying pan and find nail oil burnt which is taunting. Now you’re wondering what to do and the best way to clean it and remove the stain.

You know very well that if you stay for too long, your fingernails and pan might be ruined. However, you feel like cleaning it today is going to take too much of your time and scrapping it off is not an ideal option to consider. So, what exactly do you do to solve this issue?

Here are some of the things you need to know when it comes to cleaning a frying pan:
• Preparation takes 3 hours

• Cooking time takes 10 minutes

• Serving takes just 1 minute

The ingredients include:

• The burnt frying pan

• Dishwashing soap

• Old and unused credit cards

Here are some of the steps you need to take for cleaning nail oil burnt when cooking with frying pan:

  1. Take Food Out of the Frying Pan

    If there is cooked food in the frying pan, the first thing is to take it out and allow it to cool down for 1-2 minutes. Avoid putting water immediately in the pan because it might sizzle and burn you.

  2. Add Water into the Frying Pan

    The next involves adding water into the frying pan. After adding some water, take some dishwashing soap and add it inside, then allow it to soak for approximately 3 hours or the entire day/night. If there are utensils, you can leave them in the water to let the burnt parts to be soaked.

  3. Empty Everything

    Once you are done with the second step, the third step involves emptying the water from the frying pan and pulling out the credit cards.

  4. Scrape Off the Burnt Parts with the Credit Cards

    After emptying everything from the frying pan, take the credit cards and scrape off the burnt parts. If you have a non-stick pan, using the credit cards to scrape off the burnt parts will really come in handy. Avoid using other materials to scrape off your no-stick pan because they might scratch the pan badly. However, if you don’t have a non-stick frying pan, you can use steel wool to clean it.

  5. Clean Excess Crisp with Your Hands

    After you’ve completely scraped off the burnt parts from the frying pan, consider using your fingers clean the excess crisp from the pan. Especially, consider cleaning the pan’s curved edges to ensure everything is crystal clean.

  6. Wash the Pan

    After cleaning the excess crisp of the pan with your fingers, the sixth step is to wash out the pieces from the pan. Ensure that you clean the pan normally using soap and a sponge. Wash thoroughly to make sure that there are no burnt parts remaining in the pan. If there are any parts left, rinse more to make sure that you don’t end up cooking with the burnt parts in your pan.

Chemical Cleaners to Consider

Below are some of the chemical cleaners to consider:

• Greased lightening

• Oven cleaner

• Bar keeper’s friend

• Dish detergent

• Scrubbing pads

You can also consider using Mr. Clean Magic Erasers to clean burnt-on stains. The erasers work very well remove the all the stains.

However, you should note that regardless of the method you use to clean your frying pan, if you do it thoroughly and in the right way, you are bound to see some good results.


Following the right methods and tips to clean your burnt-oil frying pan will ensure that you end up having crystal clean pan. We highly recommend following some of the steps we’ve highlighted in this post and see the outcome.

You need to follow the right procedures in your kitchen to ensure that your nail oil does not get burnt when you are cooking with your frying pan. It is important that your nail oil is protected as this keeps your cuticles healthy at all times. You applied your nail oil for a reason in the first place, and it is not your wish that it gets burnt as you are cooking with your frying pan.

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